We had a gathering of best friends and great wine drinkers visiting over the weekend and used the occasion to try some older Bordeaux, two California Cabernet Sauvignons and a 1985 Dow Oporto.  Too often, we drink wines far too young, before aging can work its wonders.  Not everyone has a cellar or expensive wine vault, but you can successfully store favorites in an interior closet, where temperature ranges vary just plus or minus a few degrees. Huge temperature swings cause the most issues. Consistent home temperatures of 70 to 72 will speed aging, versus a 55-degree cellar, but not damage the wine.

So age a few if you can to share with friends later.  Here are some we enjoyed, with short tasting notes from earlier Tweets.



·         Love aged wines. 82 Lynch Bages. Classic Pauillac nose, earth, chocolate, Cabernet; smooth, rich, life left. w/filet/mushroom sauce.

·         84 Diamond Creek Red Rock Terrace. Older Napa style 12.5 alc. Aged Cabernet nose, cedar, mint; light-mid body; opened w/time. Lovely.

·         89 Pichon Baron Pauillac. Chocolate/Cab/Merlot/earth nose. Mid-body, nice structure.  w/beef, veal, lamb.

·         98 Spottswoode Cabernet Sauvignon. Mid-dark color, amber edges; mint, chocolate note; mid-body to soft; a little short, though tasty.

·         Dow 85 Oporto. Pale strawberry color, amber edges; classic Port mothball nose; smooth, rich, long flavorful finish. w/cheese course. Wow!