May and June are good months to look for values in white wines as the pipeline of new wines starts flowing from the wineries, distributors and your local merchant, discount store or market. The following values caught our eyes and palates in the past few months. The notes come from quick tasting notes posted on Twitter.


– Party Russian River Valley Chardonnay ’12 Clos du Bois $11. Toasty tropical nose; round, soft, semi-crisp fruity finish. w/appetizers.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 4.39.48 PM

– Easy sipping Cali. Chardonnay ’12 Kendall Jackson $12 (51% Monterey 49 Santa Barbara). Tropical, peachy, toasty nose; soft fat finish.

– Value Carneros Chardonnay ’12 Buena Vista Winemakers Cuvee $12. Toasty tropical nose; mid-body, semi-crisp, fat finish. w/munchies.

– Value Napa Chardonnay ’13 Franciscan $13. Tropical, stone fruit nose; mid-body; long fruity, semi-crisp finish. Good acids. w/fish.

– Value Edna Valley Chardonnay ’13 Zinnia Reserve $13. Light oak, tropical, stone fruit nose; mid-body; good acids; tight finish. w/scallops

– Fish-friendly Sonoma Chardonnay ’12 Evening Land $19. Toasty, oaky nose; mid-body; oaky palate; good structure; long fruity finish. w/fish.


– Dependable Calif. Sauvignon Blanc ’13 Geyser Peak $10. Light citrus, SB nose, minerals; mid-body; soft; easy drinking. w/Chinese.

– Value So. Afr. Sauvignon Blanc ’14 Sincerely, Neil Ellis $10. New mown hay, peach blossom nose; mid-body; semi-crisp fruity finish. w/scampi.

GP_VarietalTier_SauvBlanc_2012– Easy drinking Napa Sauvignon Blanc ’12 Silverado Miller Ranch $12. Light citrus, new mown hay nose; good acids; crisp fruity finish. w/apps.

– Marlborough-like Lake County Sauvignon Blanc ’12 Vigilance $13. New mown hay, grapefruit nose; tight; good acids; balanced finish. w/apps.

– Prototypical Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc ’14 Kim Crawford $13. Grapefruit nose; mid-body, tight acids, good varietal fruit, long finish. w/cheeses.

– Another Prototypical Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc ’14 Whitehaven $13. Weedy grapefruit nose; mid-body; decent acids; soft finish. w/cheeses

– Refined Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc ’13 Merry Edwards $30. Light citrus, floral nose; mid-body; mid-viscosity; nice structure; good acids; semi-crisp finish. w/swordfish.