Posted by Tom Gable

As winter eases into spring, with warmer weather and lighter cuisine ahead, the quest for value wines turns more toward the white wine aisles at your friendly merchant or big box store.?? New vintages are on the way, so discounts abound. Prices can vary as much as 20 percent and the prices shown here are an average of what was actually paid. Here are some recent finds, as Tweeted about the past 30 days.


Crab dip, cheese/cracker wine 08 Michael Pozzan Chardonnay $12 Russian River Valley. Tropical/varietal nose; mid-body, for oak lovers.

Quaffing Chardonnay for parties 08 Artesa Carneros $12. Light varietal nose; toasty/woody; soft acids; some style for price. #in

Party Chardonnay for the masses Gnarly Head 07 Calif. $7. Tropical nose; soft, low acids, decent fruit. w/snacks/crackers/cheese, etc.

For special occasions, gourmet dining: three fine 07 vineyard-designated Chardonnays from Ramey: Ritchie (Russian River); Hyde and Hudson (Napa-Carneros). Nuances abound. $70.

Hanzell Chardonnay. Sonoma find. French clones; terraced vineyards; oak aging. 03 stylish, rich Montrachet-like. 07 needs time $56.

Sauvignon Blanc

Value Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 09 Arona $9. Classic herbaceous nose; tight, citric. w/seafood apps, clams, calamari.

Always good value in Sauvignon Blanc 08 Kenwood Sonoma $9. Clean varietal nose; mid-body; fruity finish. w/clams, ripe/tangy cheeses.

Value Sauvignon Blanc 08 Beringer Napa $7. Clean but subtle varietal nose; mid-body/acids; good finish. w/seafood, salads.

Value Sauvignon Blanc 07 St. Supery Napa $9. Classic grassy SB nose; soft, round, good fruit/finish. w/appetizers, cheeses.

Classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 08 Kim Crawford $13. Nose leaps out of the glass; mid-viscosity; long finish. w/chicken cordon bleu.


Wine w/Chinese? Other than Riesling and Gewurz? New find. Viognier 07 Bridlewood Central Coast $10. Melon nose; fat, fruity, low acids, 14.5 alc.


Crisp Anderson Valley bubbly 03 Handley Brut $32. 65PN 35Chard. Yeasty older nose; mid-body, good flavor, crisp citric finish. w/salmon.